Käsmu Maritime Museum

Käsmu Maritime Museum
Käsmu Maritime Museum
/ Source: Aarne Vaik's private collection, photo: Toomas Tuul

Since 1993, the Käsmu Maritime Museum has been situated in a historic border-guard station that dates back to Russian Imperial times. The museum's goal is to acquaint visitors with the history of the legendary captain's village that surrounds it. The exhibits cover all aspects associated with the sea: sailing, fishing, smuggling, as well as the sea as a part of nature and an object of photography and other arts. Special themed museum days are held for children, and mainly focus on two topics: the captain's village and the Viking era.
Käsmu Maritime Museum is a private museum that comprises  the collections of Aarne Vaik. More than 200 special outings and about 40,000 people visit the museum in a given year.
Entry is 6 €, all donations are kindly welcomed. VAT will be added to the invoice. The museum is located at the address Merekooli 1 in the picturesque captain's village of Käsmu in Lääne-Viru County, and is always open to visitors. It is recommended that groups book in advance with Aarne Vaik mobile at +372 529 7135, or e-mail at muuseum@kasmu.ee