The Maritime Museum faces the sea, which inspires us to build and repair ships here. On our shores, a dugout made over 100 years ago sits side-by-side with a vessel built right here just over a decade ago. The grand Viking ship Aimar continues to gain experience at sea from year to year. A desire to head farther out into the waters motivated me to buy the motored sailboat Cumulus. A fisherman's sailboat built by Harri Sandström was repaired here, and is now docked and ready. Two small flat-bottomed boats were built with children in mind, giving them an opportunity to learn how to steer safely on the water. And, of course, we have a plastic rowboat on shore for use in supervising boats on the bay.

Not all weather allows us to head out to sea. On shore are two boats for sitting: Must and Valge. Lounging in these, the sea is close and time plentiful. A recent project at the museum has been repairing a Saaremaa-style fisherman's boat. These vessels do not, of course, comprise the museum's entire fleet, which also includes all of the ship models and paintings. Historic photos of Käsmu's former masted ships and steam boats have likewise been filed in the photo collection.

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