A number of attractions can also be found outdoors on the museum grounds. The museum building, which is under national heritage protection, is located on a small tip of the cape with a 180-degree view of the sea. Here is also Käsmu Lighthouse, which is one of only two wooden lighthouses that have been preserved in Estonia. The structure was once erected by the Käsmu Maritime School to guide ships into the Bay of Käsmu, especially when returning to their home harbor through the choppy autumn seas...
Two items from the Soviet period remain on the property. One of them is a cement deer. There was once an entire herd of identical figures along the highways, but now, it is one of the few left. The statue itself has been restored, and a large stone beneath it bears a nameplate from 2013 with the five ships built here inscribed upon it. The second object, which children always enjoy and is fit for climbing, is a renovated 15-meter-high border-guard tower. The Soviet soldiers on watch never left it, night or day, for 50 years, relentlessly making sure that Estonians didn't fly the coop from the USSR.
Preserved outside is a part of the Soviet border guards' training square with the imprints of border violators' footprints in the concrete. There are also animal tracks in the concrete so that if any happened to cross the border without permission, a Soviet soldier would always be able to tell the difference between a moose and a bear. On the grounds is a root cellar, which was also used as an ESSR Civil Defence HQ. The earth beneath it holds a metal cistern meant for hiding officers. All of the space's hatches are airtight, but there isn't a single pipe for ventilation – thus, they would have suffocated in just a few hours.
A range of different events, village conferences, theme days, concerts, and exhibitions are held on the museum grounds. Other personal celebrations can be organized here as well: the museum has a traditional Estonian smoke sauna, a smoke oven, an old boat remade for sitting and enjoying the view of the sea, and a gazebo. Free WiFi is available on the museum grounds.
An aerial panorama can be seen here:

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